Peoplersons sure like staystopovers

I’m going to write this article in English, cos’ translating the title would spoil the fun. So disregard my strange and tormented english, i’m not a native speaker 😉

I got myself a room in one Etap Hotel in Paris, and, although i’ve been to other hotels from this chain and i know that rooms are almost identical in any of the hotels, i just clicked on the room description on the etap hotel site. If you’ve been in any Etap, you already know it. No point in describing it. And if you haven’t seen one, well, it’s bare necessities, clean and small, just what you need to feel safe and cosy if you’re visiting a new city and don’t really care for fancy and expensive hotels.

But anyway, i am not selling services to this hotel, so let’s get over that. I found the room description and it says so:

„Our rooms can accommodate up to three peoplersons.. They are fitted out in a modern and practical way to ensure a comfortable staystopover. Rooms for three people feature a double bed and a bunk bed. Some hotels now offer rooms for two peoplersons (a queen-size bed or twin beds) and all have large bathrooms, toilets and television. One child (of up to 11 years) is accommodated free of charge in the parents’ room (or two children with one parent).”  (

So… i have a high chance of meeting these peoplersons if i go to this hotel, right? Oooh, exciting! Are they something like the hobbits? Or gnomes? Or… goblins? They can’t be much bigger, right? Since the hotel room can accomodate three of them… And imagine seeing a peoplerson small kid, they must be adorable, like little kittens, right? If i see any i’ll ask the parents if i can take pictures. I have to meet at least a few, since the hotel has a statement specifically for them… Has anybody seen any peoplersons yet? Maybe you can tell me what to look for, so i don’t miss them.

Oh, and the peoplersons sure like comfortable staystopovers, don’t they? Yeah, i guess i could find out about those too, while i’m there, if i can meet a sociable little peoplerson.

By the way… any „don’t”s that i should know about when speaking to peoplersons? Anybody knows?



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