How about a walk in the park..?

it’s friday. like that actually means anyhting. it’s a meaningless phrase in a meaningless day. i feel empty of ideas. no little twister to bring together the nicely arranged words sitting on shelves. it’s the blank piece of paper sindrome. it’s Emptiness and Nothingness holding hands, grim faces, sulky dispositions, that just won’t move away from the ideas hall. How can anyone have ideas around those two? They definately need a bit of fresh air and sun… One so dusty and grey, and the other almost transparent and dark, maybe taking them to the park would help.

‘Hey, let’s go to the park’ comes a suggestion from a green idea, hidden behind the big plant in the hall. Emptiness and Nothingness look at eachother, devoid of any expression. They’re probably wondering who spoke, but they don’t bother actually asking. As far as they know neither one has a cricket called Jiminy that could talk. No talking conscience. They just remain like this, staring into eachother’s eyes, since moving their heads again would need more effort. Just as good a position as any.

Emptiness and Nothingness, looking into eachother’s eyes. Like the two Sphinxes who knew all the world’s mysteries, but just the opposite. They see nothing. Or empty. Depends on the one who’s looking.

Depression and gloom were dispersing into the air surrounding them. The air was so thick with melancholy, the little green idea who was hiding could barely move. It was slowly dissolving into nothing, and Nothingness had a tingly feeling that was almost joy. That couldn’t be good, it thought. Joy is something, or almost joy is something. And Emptiness became worried too. Worried because Nothingness was becoming lighter. And as worry was starting to grow and fill it, Emptiness understood something is happening. They started thinking, and that, of course, lead to nothing good. Thinking leads to ideas, and ideas…

Something moved in the back of the hall. A new idea popped in. It pulled away the curtains. Another one opened the windows. Two little ones started chasing eachother around a chair. It was bright and warm, ideas were popping in everywhere. It was scary. They dissolved.

The hall wasn’t empty anymore. And the gloomness dissolved with them. The little green idea was no longer numb. Hey, let’s go to the park! i hear a happy little voice. Yeah, maybe I need a walk, maybe that will bring some new ideas…


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